Watercolour lessons and books

I have used several books on watercolours to get started. I have listed them in order of difficulty. These books have templates you can trace onto watercolour paper.  For the Strathmore books, there is a website with tutorials.

Watercolour Basics Kelly Eddington Strathmore

Watercolour Flowers Kelly Eddington Strathmore. Not available on Amazon

Watercolour Flowers Wendy Tait   Search Press

Ready to Paint Watercolour Landscapes -Terry Harrison $ 21.95 (from the UK. He uses some custom brushes that you have to order from the UK. They do add interesting texture to landscapes.

Looser style

Jean Haines’ Atmospheric Watercolours: Painting with freedom, expression and style 

Jean Haines Colour & Light in Watercolour Paperback – Dec 21 2015

Jean Haines’ Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour Hardcover – Aug. 7 2018

Here are a few other choices that look interesting, but I haven’t used.

Flowers: Trace line art onto paper or canvas, and color or paint your own masterpieces 

Watercolour: Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner Paperback 

Ready to Paint in 30 min. Street Scenes Graham Booth

Recommandations on watercolour paper



On Line tutorials I have reviewed and found helpful.

Graham Berry

Angela ferr

Tara Lever another site with tutorials recommended by another blogger.

Finally a facebook page with some fabulous watercolour artists.